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Shayne Croc Savage Email

Great site,easy to navigate. Brings back so many great memories.
Outstanding photography.


Ken Marsden 

I was a cook attached to 4fld and 12fld, arrived in December 67 leaving in Dec 68. I was with HQ Bty and would like to talk to someone who was there at the time of Tet, I have lingering thoughts and would love to clear them up. You please

Les Maher Email

Just perusing again,still alive and active in Vic RSL work

Noni Brown 

Francis William Latchford served in the Royal Australian Garrison Artillery and the R.A.A. prior to and after WW1.  He was stationed at Fort Lytton and in Maryborough.   In 1918 he received an award for Long Service and Good Conduct.  Am unable to find on line service records.  Service records for his brother Lionel Henry Latchford. Lionel are on A.A. HE was stationed on Thursday Island and also in Tasmania.  In enlisted in WW1 and WW2

The brothers arrived in Australia from Kildare, Ireland with their mother and sister in Jan 1889 on the Oroya 1

Ray Wells 

I am in the UK and searching for a Museum/Library with information on the NSW Permanent Artillery in the 1880/90s. I have references to documents held at RAAHC in Victoria (I think) but no way to see them. Can anyone help with questions about Quarter Master Sergeant Allan Warren Wells (absconder 1892) and his life in NSW Artillery.

Michael Feather (Arnold) Email

lots and lots of good memories and photos of the school of arty

Richy chester Email

Hi guys my dad, Ssgt keven "cheesey" chester was in 102fld btry 12 fld regiment and was down at school arty for number yrs my daugher doing some research oh her grand father from what i remember him telling me he joined in early 60's was in vietnam when battle long tan came home then got out in the 70's think was ,only to re enlist few yrs latter back down school arty number yrs till he finniehed his time spending his last few yrs up at Adamstown nsw where the ARES 113 fld battry 7th field regiment was based she after pics of him if any one has any she trying to make up a suppries package for him ive managed to get few pics he had copyed them for her any help be greatly appreciatec ,he often brough home few his mates from manly when he came home on weekends up to paterson but carnt rember their names that was to many yrs ago lol cheers guy

Steve [Blue] Walters Email

This is the first that I've heard of this website.

I was in the Corps 1969-2012, 123 Bty, 131 Div Loc Bty, 1 Fd, 4 Fd, 5/11 , Trgcomd, Vic Bks Bris then back to 1 Fd.

Alec Kevin Mead Email

Hi guys, Alec Mead, 38484, 17 Construction Squadron Workshops, May 67 - June 68.   Don't know if you've heard yet, but Maldon Clive Sheather passed away in Corryong in October of this year.   For some reason his name rings a bell with me, would you have a photograph of him on your site anywhere.


'A little bear will fix it'.....

Ron Bastian (Basso) Email

Hi Graham,

Congratulations on a beautiful obituary for Don Donkin.
As I attended his funeral, I heard first hand from the speakers at his service just how much he was admired and how grateful
they were for his dedication and display of professionalism.
He was, and always will be remembered, as an outstanding soldier and in particular, "Gunner" that we can all be proud of.
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