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James Mackintosh Email

former member 5Fld RAA as A troup Wireless Operator #1/11009 trying to find Capt. Faye and/or Sgt. Darwin of the same Regiment in the early 1960's in the now defunct Kelvin Grove Barracks, Brisbane.

Wayne Kent Brown  Email

Thank you .

Bill Montgomery Email

Trying to find a person by the name of Les Brown, who emigrated to Oz quite a few years ago.  Les was formerly in 40 Regt RA the 27 Regt RA based in Lippstadt, Germany.

I believe that he may be in the Adelaide area.

It's a long shot, but worth trying.

Many thanks

Chris Carr 

I just received my membership to the Association, thanks. Just now checking out the site and I am very impressed. I look forward in catching up with my Artillery mates from so long ago.

Ron Graham Email

Just Browsing, Have good memories of A Field Battery, Helped set up Henry Green Room, visited the Battery a couple of years ago , was disappointed , Room unkept, had good laugh looking at all the photos

WO1 Sue Esler-McGregor 

Hi my name is Sue I am a current serving member. I am discharging after 36 years service. I would like to ask the assistance of the Artillery Corp members to help me find someone. I am actually looking for a long lost friend called Fluer Busbridge, I have been told by her EX husband that she is now married to a soldier called Steve Allen no rank known. All he could tell me was that he was at the School of Artillery many years ago, so I presume that he would mean at Manly.
Would anyone know of this person and his whereabouts please. I was also told that her EX husband thought that they lived in Brisbane.
If anyone would know anyone that may be able to help can they call me on my mobile or via email please to
Thanks Sue

Eldon Bryant Email

Gidday fellow Gunners et al,


Best wishes for a healthy, happy and safe New Year.


Eldon - Townsville  02/01/2015

John Pollitt 


Congratulations Graham & Kim on a fantastic Gunner dinner.Great to catch up with so many ex gunners and wives/partners.Plus the A Field Battery Vietnam 1971 reunion at Kirra beach was also a success.

Regards John & CarolPollitt

Rick Clarke Email

Hi all, i am putting all my plaques in my hallway, but i am missing some. I would like to know how I could get some plaques. The first one is School of Artillery, (If any were made). P&EE Port Wakefield, and 1st Field Regiment.
it would be greatful for any information.
Rick Clarke (Deadeye)
102 Fd Bty
8/12 Mdm Regt
(Jan 1975- Nov 1979)

Bob and Pattie Shuttleworth Email

G'day , My name is Bob Shuttleworth and my wife is Pattie. there are probably some ex members of 103 and h/q bty's out there who may remember us from 1974/1980. Pattie at one stage was attached to h/q bty as a driver and I was in 103 bty on no6 gun, discharged as gun sgt june1980. Pattie and myself are still married with 2 children Adam 35 (born in Liverpool whilst in the army) and Brooke 33. I shared a house with Greg Reed(Zoro) 131 and Ian Lenard (country) H/q, before I met Pattiie. We now live in Gidgegannup (edge of Perth). It would have been in 1982 or 1983 I met some of the old 102 bty guys at a camp out of Tom Price up north, they were on a Kangaroo exercise ,apart from that the only other guy I have run into is Alan Walters (Wally ) in Darwin a year or so back ex h/q bty. I had a Roll list of all the guys in the bty when I left but a heap of papers got water damaged and that was one of them. I would like to hear from any ex 8/12 guys who remembers us or would be able to give us some photos of that era . Joe Ford would have some good ones. Here's on for the oldies, I was working in Mt Magnet years ago and ran into Eddie Beuchallis (think that's how you spell his last name) . Before I sign of I read about Paul Filtness's passing ex h/q bty, hope it's the right Paul , if it is R.I.P Stretch, we'll look forward to a few replies regards Bob
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